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Here’s what others are saying:

"My favorite corporate punks... just the band to throw
a musical monkey wrench into the big business machine."

-Dan Reed, WXPN/Philadelphia

"The Accountants . . . ballsy, flat-out rock-and-roll that satirizes and skewers many of the personalities and situations found in the corporate universe: one that is full of liars, cheats, toadies, credit-stealers, bullies, Peter Principle incompetents, greedy executives, incomprehensible policies and reams of business doublespeak that so often blocks the sunlight from those who are only trying to work hard, produce good results, have empathy for their colleagues and teams, enjoy their jobs and actually contribute to the workplace."
-Tim Roberts, Louisville Music News

"They’ll rock your socks and cook your books!"
-Denton Randall, WHAS/Louisville

". . . there’s never a dull moment. Despite the fact that these songs are absolutely tongue-in-cheek, the foursome make really good points about American values, the lack of ethics in big business, and the degeneration of the family unit."
-Lauren Mosko, Louisville Eccentric Observer

"They are masters of the obvious!"

- disenchanted music critic

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