Louisville Music News
May 2002
Recording Reviews

Rockin' 9 to 5... Corporate Punks Amuck

by Kory Wilcoxson

Here's the scoop on local boys The Accountants: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., they're cubicle-dwellers, schlepping their way through the daily grind. But after hours, they strap on the guitars and spew their anti-corporate angst through hard-driving rock and roll.

The Accountants are role models for all the office geeks who've dreamed of becoming rock stars. What helps is that they are good at the rock star part. Don't let the title of the album fool you; the closest they come to punk is the old-school Beastie Boys stylings of "Suck Up." Most of the music is formulaic guitar rock, which makes sense, since these guys probably grew up listening to big-hair guitar groups like Journey and Def Leppard.

The Accountants are most potent when tackling office-related issues. "Disgruntled" plays like a slightly more pissed-off version of "Take This Job and Shove It," while the double-entendres add hilarious spice to "My PDA" ("She looks so sexy sittin' on my desk/ In her black leather, it's too much I must confess"). And just when you think they are trying to Weird Al their way into the music scene, they sucker punch you with "My American Dream," a surprisingly moving song about the hollowness of success. The song rings so true because the band is singing about something they know too well.

The album only has a few songs that need downsizing. "Rockstar" is too vague to make much of an impact, and "Drive Time" explores a well-trodden subject without adding much to the fray. Otherwise, these guys deliver point-blank commentary with enough earnestness and energy to inspire all, as they call them, "white-collar weekend warriors." Even though they're good, I hope they don't quit their day jobs; there's a lot more material to be mined.