I'm calling in sick, can't work a lick 
  thereís an aching in my head
Seems like there's just no point 
  in getting out of bed

I'm in a state-of-mind to be unkind 
  Lord knows what I might do
Every time I punch the clock
  I wish it was you

I wanna split, Iím gonna quit 
Screw this job Iím sick of it
I wanna blow, Iím gonna go
  play some rock and roll, yeah
  play some rock and roll

I get no raise, I get no praise
  I get no pension plan
I just slave my life away
  working for the man

I'm fed up, there's no let up 
  I'm about to go berserk 
Itís obvious that Iíve become 
  disgruntled with my work

I wanna split... 

Iím not a company man
When Iím playin with the band