Email Junkie
When I get up at six I gotta get my fix
  start the day with a couple of clicks
Forget the shower, forget the shave
  forget the news in the USA Today
When I hear the hard drive humminí
  I know the buzz is cominí
I get a rush when I see
  twenty one messages waiting for me

Driving on my way to work
Somebody honks and calls me a jerk
I just laugh, itís okay
Iím reading jokes on my PDA, yeah yeah

Iím an email junkie give me what I need
Send me a message so I can feed
When I get to my cube I gotta fire it on
  booting up takes too damn long
Like Pavlovís dog every time
  I start to drool when I hear that chime
I donít take lunch or coffee breaks
  when the serverís down, I get the shakes
I donít drink and I donít smoke crack
  so spank this monkey on my back

Iím skipping showers, and missing meals
I forgot to pay my bills
They all say I need a twelve-step group
But I could quit if I really wanted to

Iím an email junkie give me what I need...

I wanted her to whisper in my ear
Three little words I long to hear
She told me to go straight to hell
But all I wanted was, Ďyouíve got mailí

Iím an email junkie give me what I need...