Rock Star
If they only knew the things I do 
  when I leave this zoo
The pin stripe curtain I hide behind 
  would really blow their minds
A good disguise helps conceal 
  the way I really feel
The things I do donít make me proud
  Iíd rather play music and play it loud

Forget this crap about working till seven
Now balls out boys and crank these amps to eleven

And be a rock star, play all night
Underneath the bright spot lights
Iíll be a rock star, donít ask how
Iím want to make it big and I want it now

Had to cut my hair so Iíd fit in
  but in the end Iíll win
My pin head boss donít have a clue
  but if he only knew
That overtimeís not in the plan
  my gear is in the van
Me and the boys, we gotta go
  drive a hundred miles to play another show

All I need is a top ten hit 
So buy this record and I can quit

And be a rock star...