My American Dream
An American boy learned the meaning of success
Make lots of money, buy the biggest and the best
Got to work hard to get ahead of the pack
Buy that house on the hill with a sports car in the back

So I finished business school, got my C.P.A.
Joined a Big Five firm, worked fourteen hours a day
The seeds of success are what I was sowing
Cash was rolling in, assets were growing

I always thought when I was a kid
If I only had what my parents did
Iíve got more than that, but still inside,
why am I not satisfied

I thought I knew my American dream
Tried to make it come true, my American Dream
All my life the dominant theme
Was to make more money, the American Dream

Now my wife is a stranger, we donít talk much anymore
We just say hello as we pass in the door
I watch my kids grow up in a stack of snapshots
I donít have much family time but look at all that Iíve got

I sacrificed so we could get ahead
ĎIíll put my family first,í thatís what I always said
But was it really worth the cost
Look at everything Iíve lost

Got to find a new American dream
Time to review my American Dream
Itís never enough, itís not what it seems
All my money canít buy the American Dream

I found a new American dream
This is the true American dream
Itís not in the cash or material things
Itís in my daughterís eyes, my American dream