Suck Up
Let me pick up your laundry, let me wash your car
Let me get you some chicks at the hotel bar
I'll take the blame when you make mistakes
Iíll kiss your butt, Iíll do whatever it takes

I'm a suck up - I got no mind of my own
I'm a suck up - come on and throw me a bone
Iím a suck up Ė and I aim to please
Iím a suck up Ė Iím down on my knees

I can come in early, I can work real late
My middle name is ĎIngratiateí
Let's meet after work and I'll buy you a drink
Tell me everything that I should think 

I'm a suck up...
No matter what you say, I will always agree
Hitching my wagon to your Mercedes
I can shine your shoes and date your niece
And I must say, that's a fine hair piece