Middle Man
I used to be one of the front line guys
Till the bosses upstairs seduced me with lies
They said Ďweíll promote you, and youíll call the shotsí
But I didnít know it was such a tight spot

In charge of these people who once were my friends
Now Iím their boss and thatís where it ends
Its not worth the small change that I make
Taking this job was my biggest mistake

Caught in the middle, want to quit everyday
But Iíve got a family and mortgage to pay

Now I canít sleep at night, lie awake in my bed
Reruns of work spin around in my head
I used to clock out, check it all at the door
Now Iím stressed out, I canít take anymore

Orders come down that I must implement
They said Ďfire that guyí so a pink slip was sent
Heís got a wife and a kid on the way
This is the garbage I shovel each day

Caught in the middle, canít please anyone
Thereís no satisfaction when my workday is done