She looks so sexy sittiní on my desk
In her black leather, itís too much I must confess
Right there in my pocket for whatever I need
All she needs to be happy is some Triple A batteries
  her face so clean and shiny
  her body oh so choice
  she never gets whiny
  love the sound of her voice

My PDA, my PDA

In the car sheís such a machine
She takes my download- you know what I mean
To turn her on, you donít have to buy a drink
She keeps me in order so I donít have to think
  I love to push her buttons
  to see her in action
  with a stroke of my wand
  I get satisfaction

My PDA, my PDA...

With slots for expansion, and luminescent light
With her A/C adapter we can go all night
She gets me excited with her Active Display
The colorís so vibrant on the games that we play
  I never leave home without her
  sheís always by my side
  my Digital Assistant 
  is my joy and my pride