Executive Comp
Nobody knows how much I make
  Iím not ashamed of what I take
The moneyís good, but itís not enough
  I get the perks cause my jobís so tough
Made a million bucks last year
  I wanted more so they gave me a lear
I could never have enough dough
  just like Gordon Gecko
  yeah, heís my hero

Executive comp is what I need
The corporate trough is where I feed
I donít work too hard cause I got it made
I just hang around till I get paid

Big fat bills in my money clip
  the maitre d loves my big fat tip
My own space in the parking lot
  if you park there you will get shot
I want a jag with lots of horses
  I need to call human resources
I get paid more than I should
  but greed is good, yeah
  greed is good 

Executive comp is what I need...

So I love money, is that a crime?
  you other freakin losers just stand in line 
Smoke my Cubans with my feet on the desk
  I donít give a damn if Iím grotesque
Give me more restricted stock
  the company goes deep in hock 
Itís all about me, cause Iím the man
  so call the board I need a richer plan

We took a major loss this year
  I told my stooges get your butts in gear
We canít afford to start a panic
  the stock is sinking like the Titanic
I think itís time to pull my chute
  so fire my ass, give me my loot 
When I'm gone the halls will echo:
  heís like Gordon Gecko, yeah
  Gordon Gecko

Executive comp is what I need...