I slip into work Ďbout quarter past eight
Through the side door, they donít know that Iím late
Then I stare at the screen for an hour or so
Tap a few keys to put on a show
Then I get on the net when nobodyís around
Whooo! Just look what I found

Iím a slacker, I donít care
Motivationís just not there

I never give 100%
Avoiding work is my intent
Donít want to burn out early in the week
Just slidiní through is my technique
I learned the merit system when I got hired
Just do enough not to get yourself fired

Iím a slacker, Itís unfair
I should be a millionaire
My boss is unaware
I just sit here in my chair

Iíve got no incentive to be more productive
Working too hard can be self destructive
If I can keep coasting, collecting my pay
Stay out of sight and retire someday
Some people work just to get an award
Being a slacker is its own reward

The boss is a jerk, heís dumb as a rock
When he moved up we were all in shock
He cannot lead and heíll never inspire
Heíll just ride us until he retires

Iím a slacker canít you see, No productivity
You canít count on me
Iím a Ďno workí guarantee
Iím a slacker
Iím a slacker