I took vacation today,
  I had to get away
Took an early flight,
  gotta get my head right
I couldnít take the abuse,
  they finally cut me loose
Not gonna answer the phone,
  just freakiní leave me alone!

Vacation, thank God it starts today
Escape from the corporate decay
I need to find a place where they
Can set me free

Hey waiter, get over here,
  I need an ice cold beer
I gotta catch some rays,
  drink till Iím in a daze
And tell that blonde over there,
  that Iím no millionaire, but,
With my credit line
  weíll have a real good time!

Vacation, the buzz is kickiní in
Good judgment is really weariní thin
I donít care, the party has begun
Letís have some fun

This trip is over too soon,
  Iíll have to leave Cancun
Back to the daily grind,
  just when I start to unwind!

Vacation, for now I gotta find
Salvation, the temporary kind
Itís over before I get my fill
Iíll be stuck with nothing but the bill
Except for the memory of the time
I eased my mind

I took vacation today